phroth Phroth, a premier college humor magazine, is written, produced and distributed by students of the Pennsylvania State University. It’s one of the oldest publications on campus, tracing its roots back to 1909.
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  • Excuses to Skip Class

    School is back in session and we’re all starting to get a feel for our new classes. And by “get a feel,” I mean see which classes don’t take attendance.

  • Glenn Beck’s Historic Landmark Anniversary Speaking Tour

    After “accidentally” holding a rally on the anniversary of Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech, Glenn Beck is going on an international speaking tour where he’ll desecrate the anniversaries of famous historic events by holding horrible, hate-filled rallies on the spot these famous events occurred. Here is his tour schedule so far.

  • The 7 Types of People to Avoid at the Library at All Costs

    Final’s Week is finally here and you know what that means: Adderall-fueled cramming sessions, insomnia-induced delusions, and last but not least, trips to your local library. Of course, we all know that “Finals” actually stands for Fuck I’ve Never Actually (ever been to our school’s) Library. Fortunately for you, I happened to have a pursued a career (see: actuarial science) that has deemed me the equivalent of The Pagemaster. For the past four years at Penn State, I have spent enough hours in the library to rival that of even the most hilariously stereotypical of fictional nerds.

  • Phroth Interviews Russell Brand

    As the ‘Campus U’ Marketing Representative for Universal Studios in the State College area, it was my (Brandon Scott Wolf) goal to get more votes than any other schools in the Big Ten Conference. After 7,427 votes, The Pennsylvania State University won the Get Him to the Greek Challenge which brought Russell Brand, Jonah Hill and a screening of their yet-to-be-released movie to Happy Valley. As the Phollegian Editor for Phroth Magazine, I was able to go one-on-one with Russell and Jonah and talk to them about the film, their impressions of State College and so much more.

  • New Trends in Facebook Memes

    If you use Facebook, you’re probably aware of the fads on the site, whether it be changing your profile picture to a celebrity that looks like you or tagging friends in a picture of cartoon characters. Here are some things you can expect to do in coming months to remain a part of the herd.

  • Happy Phroth Valentine’s Day!

    Every year Phroth releases a Valentine’s Day Phollegian featuring a collection of hilarious cards for the holiday. Here you can find all the Phroth Valentine’s cards from the past few years to download, share and give to your friends!

  • Phroth Predicts the Lost Finale

    The final season of Lost has started and we’re all incredibly excited. Not so much because we want to figure what the hell has been going on for the past six years, but because we never want to hear our obnoxious fanboy friends talk about the show ever again. That being said, we’ve made predictions for how the show is going to end anyway:

  • The Phroth Staff Recalls Their Favorite Injuries: The One Where Matt Radlow Plays Mortal Kombat

    Twas a crisp autumn day back in 1997 and like any third grader, I was in my room playing video games on my SNES. The game was Mortal Kombat II, a game that I had never beaten. Now if you never played this game, Mortal Kombat II was an intense fighting epic that allowed you to battle vicious foes in a tournament to the death. If you have, you remember it was hard as fuck! The lives were limited and the opponents were numerous. But the worst part about it was that even if you performed flawlessly against the playable characters, once you reached the sub-boss Kintaro you were screwed. Despite countless attempts to defeat this colossal fiend, I was always overwhelmed by his sheer brute force. Words cannot even describe how tough Kintaro was…[cont’d]

  • Bottom of the Barrel: My Life As Liz is More Offensive Than Jersey Shore

    When MTV’s Jersey Shore first aired, it was being hailed as the final slide in humanity’s descent towards complete moral bankruptcy. The show, which follows eight boozed up, orange tanned, self-proclaimed “guidos” and “guidettes” as they fuck and fist pump their way through a summer at the Jersey Shore, was being considered the final nail in our society’s coffin, as if a combined eight seasons of Flavor of Love, I Love New York, and Rock of Love hadn’t already left America’s cultural landscape a barren, lifeless wasteland. But as our media outlets and middle-aged housewives gnashed their teeth over this virulent excuse of a television show, a much bigger threat in MTV’s programming schedule was able to slip by completely unnoticed. A show that is much worse and much more offensive than any hour spent glorifying slicked hair and twentysomething women getting punched in the face. A show called My Life as Liz. Click the link to read more!

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