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    10 Adult Jokes Found In Pixar Movies.

    a list of some of the 'under the radar' jokes featured in Pixar movies.

    10. Legs. Toy Story


    a small character from the first film, but still an important one. Legs is one of Sid's 'mutant' toys, a fishing rod with the legs of a Barbie doll. she is supposed to be a hooker, demonstrated by the barbie legs and the hook on the fishing rod.

    9. 'This is for Woody'. Toy Story 2


    There is a small scene in the second movie when, just before Buzz and the others leave to rescue Woody, Bo-Peep gives Buzz a long, drawn out kiss, telling him "This is for Wood, when you find him." Buzz looks awkward and replies with "Alright, but I don't think it'll mean the same coming from me." , referencing that neither he nor Woody are gay, and it would be weird.

    8. Buzz and Jessie, Toy Story 2

    another one from the Toy Story trilogy, this happens when Jessie rides on the matchbox car to let Buster outside. Buzz's reaction is staring and his wings popping out, reminiscent of an erection.

    7. Sneaky Parents. The Incredibles


    There is a scene during the montage in this movie where Mr and Mrs Incredible can e seen sneaking past Violet towards there room. three guesses what they were going to do...

    6. Gambling. Toy Story 3

    During the Vending Machine scene, the toys are obviously gambling, using a see 'n say. they use things like Batteries and monopoly money to bet with.

    5. Ken is NOT a girl's toy. Toy Story 3


    Throughout this movie, Ken cane be heard continuously insisting that he IS NOT A GIRL'S TOY!". he always says this very defensively, and as if he has been offended. It almost seems like a male toy being a 'girl's toy' is synonymous of being homosexual to the toys.

    4. "He did WHAT in his cup?!". Cars


    After Lightning discovers the truth about Doc, he races to tell the other cars what he has learned. they all have different reactions, from assuming that he's sick, to Maters exclamation of "He did WHAT in his cup?" and spitting out his drink. he had misheard Lightning saying that "Doc has a Piston Cup" as something like "Doc pissed in his cup"

    3. Snowcones. Monsters Inc.


    After Sulley and Mike are banished to the Himalayas, they are approached by the Yeti, who offers the pair some snow cones. Yellow snow cones. The pair look grossed out, and Yeti quickly explains that they're lemon.

    2. Top Down Truck Stop. Cars


    During the highway scene, Lightning and Mack pass a truck stop, called 'Top Down Truck Stop; All Convertible Waitresses' this is like men's bars or restaurants, such as hooters.

    1. Mia & Tia 'Flash' Lightning. Cars

    near the start of the movie, twins Mia and Tia come up to Lightning and talk excitedly about how much they love him and how they are "we're like, your biggest fans!" they then proceed to flash their headlights at him, before being dragged away by security.

    This is done in the same way as groupies flashing stars.

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