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11 Books All Animal Lovers Should Read

If you were the kid who galloped everywhere she went, or the one who brought home every furry vagrant that came across his path, these books are for you.

phoebeharper 4 years ago

Here's Why You Should Write More

When you spend 13 years or more writing essays for district writing assessments about "hot topics" that are older than you, it's easy to feel like writing is just something English majors do between flipping burgers. Here's why you should write stuff down anyway.

phoebeharper 5 years ago

10 Books You Read In High School That You Should Re-Read As An Adult

Some of those books you missed in high school might actually change your life now, or at least give you a new perspective on situations that seemed less relatable at an age when farting was quality comedy.

phoebeharper 5 years ago