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Top 10 Awesome Things To Do In Japan

Ah the land of the rising sun

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10. Meet some Harajuku Girls!

Where: Harajuku, Tokyo

Known as Japan's epicenter of youthful pop culture and fashion. Though there are enough retail stores, cafes, restaurants, and gift shops to keep yourself occupied for hours, the best activity to do in Harajuku is people watching.

Gwen Stefani would be proud.

9. Use the loo

Where: All Restrooms

72% of all households in Japan have washlets (automatic bidets) installed in their bathrooms. It's no surprise that almost all restaurant/mall bathrooms have these babies around too. Never have to wipe your ass again, at least not until you leave the country.

8. Taste what eating real beef is like / Via The Quiatic Bind

Where: Any Steakhouse in Japan

Melt in your mouth goodness. Fun fact, Wagyu and Kobe beef comes from cattle that are treated like royalty by its breeders. To create the intense marbling on the meat, the cattle are massaged all day and fed beer. I wanna be a cow.

7. Attempt to use a vending machine to provide for your every need / Via Inside Japan Blog

Where: Random streets of Tokyo

Hot beverages, fresh entrees, cigarettes, neckties, disposable cameras, soiled underwear, the list could go on forever. If you've thought of it, mostly like Japan'll have it in a vending machine.

Happy picking!

6. Visit your favorite underwater characters at DisneySEA / Via Deviant Art

Where: Chiba, Japan

The first and only Disney theme park in the world that puts the limelight on its most underrated nautical characters. The overall intention was to create a theme park with faster and scarier rides fit for an older audience. The exploration includes The LIttle Mermaid, Pirates of the Caribbean, Aladdin, Indiana Jones Adventure, Pinocchio, Finding Nemo, and more.

Take that California Adventure and Disney World!

5. Ride a bullet train / Via Imgur

The bullet train, AKA the "Shinkansen," that could run up to 2,380km/h (that's 1,480mi for you Americans out there). Jump around different districts in Japan in a matter of minutes at a fraction of the cost airfare.

To infinity and beyond!

4. Get naked in an onsen / Via BBSDM

Where: Hakone, Japan

This might sound bizarre, we all know that public baths are antiquated, BUT these outdoor hot springs are believed to have healing powers derived from its mineral content. So breathe in the crisp mountain air and wade in the fountain of youth.

Just don't take a quick peek at your neighbor next door, some things are better left under water.

3. Watch a sumo wrestling match

Where: Fukoka

Japan's national sport, Sumo Wrestling used to be performed as entertainment for ancient Shinto deities. Nowadays, these tournaments last for several months, ending in Fukoka in November.


2. Witness the cherry blossoms bloom / Via FanPop

Where: At the foot of Mt Fuji

Once limited to only the elites of the Imperial Court of Japan, watching the cherry blossoms ("sakura") bloom is a privilege given to us by Mother Nature. Have bento picnic with a loved one or sake bomb trains with your buddies under these blossoms.

1. Get excited for sushi boats boats BOATS / Via Surviving College

Where: Tsukiji Fish Market

You realize that you have been fooled all this time, raw fish isn't supposed to be chopped into little pieces then rolled into a slate of brown rice. NO! Let the tuna, shrimp, salmon, octopus, and every other underwater creature out there speak for themselves.


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