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17 Statements That Really Should Be Questions Directed To Asian People

Me no speak Engrishu

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1. So, where are you from?

I mean, where are you reaaalllyyyy from? ... Uhm, I was born and raised here bitch!

2. Omg, you speak english so well.

Well American isn't actually English.

3. I heard Asians can tolerate really spicy food.

You know it bruh.

4. I can't tell what type of Asian you are.

... Asia is not a country you ignorant fool

5. I heard they eat [insert exotic animal name] out there.

... you're next!

6. I know a [insert Asian last name] from somewhere.

Doesn't mean we're related.

7. Your parents are probably really strict, that sucks.

You have no idea.

8. I noticed all Asians have yellow fever.

Maybe because they're not as racist as you are.

9. [Insert your name], that's not an Asian name.

No, it is not.

10. I really love karaoke, we should go some time.

What makes you think I'm fond of singing?

11. Wow, you're pretty tall for an Asian.

Blame my growth spurt and steroids.

12. They say Asians have small feet... you know what that means.

No, please explain further.

13. Says hello in your supposed language.

14. You resemble [Asian Hollywood celebrity] so much.

Like I haven't heard that one before.

15. I thought all Asians are supposed to be fair-skinned.

Nope. Fun fact: SouthEast Asian countries are actually closer to the equator, which means it's hotter.

16. I used to take [Insert Asian martial arts] lessons when I was younger.

Good for you.

17. I love paper lanterns and origami.

I'm from the Philippines... we don't do that shit

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