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How David Ortiz Will Finish His Final Season With The Red Sox

David Ortiz has been the face of the Red Sox for more than a decade.

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David Ortiz has been the face of the Red Sox for more than a decade. Red Sox fans young and old have grown to appreciate Big Papi and all that he has done for city of Boston. He is a homerun machine, and his constant base pounding has been synonymous with Fenway Park for the better part of 13 great seasons. This era, however, is coming into its twilight as Ortiz plans to take off his cleats for the last time this October. Even sports betting websites are getting a spike in interest when it comes to Red Sox games.

Fans everywhere, not just in Boston, will most certainly miss what Ortiz has done for the game of baseball. That is why the city of Boston has already responded with tribute after tribute throughout this season. In fact, fans wanting to see Ortiz play one last time will notice that ticket prices have spiked as a result his announcement that he is retiring. Anyone wanting to see him lace up one more time will need to get tickets early. For his part, Big Papi is approaching each and every game just as he always has. That means he arrives at the park early, gives his feet some much needed treatment, and works hard at every at bat. Boston fans have grown to expect nothing less, and that is what they will mist the most.

David Ortiz will be 40 years of age when he retires. Throughout his illustrious career as a baseball player, he has done some time at first base, but that latter years has saw him perfect his trade as a designated hitter. Even as he approaches 40, he still brings fear to the arms of the opposing pitcher. This has lead most fans to have their own gloves out in the stands in eager anticipation of yet another Ortiz hit going out of the park. Little has changed in that regard as he already has 25 home runs and 87 runs batted in with about two months left to go in the season. That goes with his more than respectable batting average of .311, which is a key reasons the Red Sox once again find themselves right in the thick of the American League pennant race.

It is fitting to remember that Ortiz joined the Red Sox in 2013, and this explains why such a lasting tribute is taking place now that he is retiring. For this part, Ortiz does not relish the attention. That might be surprising given his electric and passionate personality on the baseball field, but that is professional persona. He is a consummate team player, however, and he does like so much of the off field conversation and activity to be revolving around him. This has made him to openly make the statement that he regrets announcing his retirement at the beginning of the season, but that is now water under the bridge. Ortiz now spends his days in the limelight, and it is something that he has learned to embrace. It certainly has not impact his game, and that delights Red Sox fans even more.

Ortiz will be remembered for his contagious and energetic spirit, in addition to his stellar baseball skills. As a hitter, he has accumulated 528 home runs and counting. This situates him squarely among the 20 best hitters to have ever played the game. His career might be coming to an end, but his spirit and legacy will live on. He is an inspiration to players everywhere. He dedication for the sport speaks volumes in an era of selfish play and contract holdouts. Ortiz just wants to play. In fact, he has remarked that he would love to be back and play well into his 40s, but his feet will simply not cooperate. He has been playing through tremendous pain for several years now, which speaks to his devotion to team and game. It is time to retire, and Sox fans will be playing a tribute to him for a few more months to come.

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