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6 Of The Best Moments From RuPaul's Drag Race

Whether you are #TeamAdore, #TeamBianca, or #TeamCourtney tonight we find out who will be America's Next Drag Superstar! Here are 6 of the best moments from Season 6 hunty.

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Oh No She Betta Don't Music Video Challenge

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Rappers Trina and Eve coached the girls as they prepared to lay down some original rap lyrics. Some killed it (Adore!), some flopped (Darienne), and then there was Milk.

BenDaLaCreme Vs. Darienne Lake

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Darienne Lake seemed to have it out for BenDaLaCreme from the very beginning. When the two queens found themselves in the bottom two, Momma Ru had them lip sync to Kelly Clarkson's - Stronger and only one survived.

The Reading Challenge


This season's queens threw so much shade at one another, but things really hit the fan during this challenge because READING IS FUNDAMENTAL!


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Even if you are lactose intolerant we all secretly loved Milk. Her quirky style and dedication to being true to who she is, was admirable and earned her the respect of some of the girls. She's definitely a solid contender for this season's Miss Congeniality.

Hurricane Bianca!


Whether you want her to win the crown or not, there is no denying that Bianca is the queen of shade, delivered some of the sassiest one-liners, but also has the biggest heart out of any of the queens.

The Snatch Game!


This season had one of the tightest snatches! Between Bianca's Judge Judy, Adore's Anna Nicole Smith, and BenDaLaCreme's Maggie Smith it was clear who were gonna be the ones to watch for the rest of the season! Above is only a clip of the episode so make sure you visit to watch the full episode!

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