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    • M W

      The inanity of this song is as bad as the degrading undertones. It gets stuck in your head if you have the least musical inclination, and it’s nowhere near compelling enough a tune to be worth it. Unfortunately, so much pop music is, and has always been, about a memorable hook and not much more. There is a difference between slut-shaming and genuinely not wanting to see your sex catering to those who wish to take away their independence. Stuff like this just fuels the slut-shamers, because it gives credence in their minds to the myth of ‘but I know she wanted it’. I’m sure that model will get naked for you and beg to stay the night if you only ply her with alcohol and drugs! All that stuff about respecting women and knowing that no means no? WAAAY too inefficient, bro. Shaking my damn head.

    • M W

      Why does BuzzFeed think we want to hear about people’s romantic conflicts?  Why can’t we just hear about a normal relationship where two people meet, fall in love, and talk to each other? Why does it always have to be some dramatic crap like this (though admittedly not as bad as the last one with the actual cheaters)? My husband and I were long-distance for several months and used MSN, Skype and Facebook chat extensively. You know what? We actually dated, not flirted, and had the decency to actually be faithful to each other.  So tired of stuff like this.

    • M W

      Having reached that age where not only I, but many of my friends, have gotten married, I can say that DIY is very popular indeed and lends a really nice touch.  Since hubby is from another country than me, we essentially had two ceremonies- one in my country, the wedding, and a consecration ceremony here for his family. For the stateside wedding, my mom did our flowers, I knitted our ring pillow, and my mom helped me make my veil (there was a TON of other stuff we did ourselves, but won’t list it all). My friend who did our engagement pictures and her now-husband did their own invites, complete with xkcd references. My best friend who got married this summer had fabric squares and washer-safe pens so everyone could write a message after the ceremony. Her mom then made a quilt from them.  Not only were all of these a lot of fun, but they were so much more personal than just going and buying something that was more expensive and probably lower-quality. I love these ideas but am glad I’m done with planning it all (twice!)

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