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    23 Screenshots Everyone Between The Ages Of 28 And 36 Will Recognize

    "It really whips the llama's ass."

    1. If you were a cool kid, you surfed with Netscape.

    2. This is how you listened to CDs:

    Microsoft / Via

    3. And you listened to your first MP3 files with Winamp:

    4. Encarta was your Wikipedia.

    poncheeto / Via

    5. The hardest decision you ever had to make was which card back to use while playing Solitaire.

    Blinkle / Via

    6. And you still don't understand Hearts.

    Microsoft / Via

    7. This was clearly the best stock wallpaper:

    Microsoft / Via

    Ooooh! You can see completely into my computer!

    8. AltaVista was your Google.

    9. You'll have the "uh-oh" from ICQ embedded in your memory for the rest of your life.

    Mail ru Group

    10. Before Photoshop you had Paint.

    Microsoft / Via

    11. You committed your first cybercrime with Napster.

    Shawn Fanning, Sean Parker

    12. This is how you learned to play pinball:

    13. And Earthworm Jim gave you a whole new opinion on earthworms:

    Shiny Entertainment / Via

    Even before worms!

    14. "No worries, I still have 50MB of free space. That's enough to last me until the end of the world!"

    Microsoft / Via

    15. Ever since the first lost round, Minesweeper annoyed you again and again.


    16. WinZip was your best friend for copying programs on several diskettes.

    17. The Windows 95 screensavers blew you away back in '95.

    18. Especially the one with the maze.

    Microsoft / Via

    When it didn't make you nauseous, that is.

    19. Your first serious game addiction was Crazy Chicken.

    phenomedia publishing

    Even if you would never admit it.

    20. This is how you got online:

    Windows 95 / Via

    21. Myst is still the hardest game you've ever played:

    Cyan Worlds

    Like Monkey Island. Only without monkeys. And without humor.

    22. And You Don't Know Jack was the most fun.

    23. And you knew exactly when it was safe to turn off your computer.

    Microsoft / Via

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