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    27 Photos That Are More Nerve-Racking Than They Have Any Right To Be

    Nooooot a fan.

    1. First of all, how nervous does this hotel room make you?

    HarambeSalamii / Via

    2. Now, can you imagine how much dry-heaving you'd be doing if those were your keys?

    ThePakin27 / Via

    3. Just...just look at this table. 'Cause I kind of can't.

    4. And this picture just makes me want to never get up from my safe and good desk chair:

    SR_BANANA / Via


    kthx_bai / Via

    This is NOT what key rings are for you GUYS.

    6. This is sort of why I'm skeptical of teamwork:

    7. And this? This my friends, is how you get banned from wearing socks:

    Hypnoticbrick / Via

    8. This just seems like a disaster movie waiting to happen...

    edenk72 / Via

    9. And I'm almost positive I've seen this in my nightmares:

    georgedeslandes / Via

    10. This is the clearest sign from God I've ever seen to take the stairs:

    11. And this is just some overly trusting tomfoolery, okay??

    12. This has got to be the most rich person move I've ever seen in my life:

    darryljenks / Via

    13. And omg, can you IMAGINE being even slightly drunk and dealing with this bathroom:

    parkayyakrap / Via

    14. Why does this make me feel that scary, subconscious impulse to jump in?

    mike_pants / Via

    15. And why do I secretly want to try this?

    col3s1aw / Via

    16. FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD, someone, please save that cat!!

    Mega_Zawesome / Via

    17. Okay, this just made me fully wince.

    Ricosky / Via

    Why you gotta do bread dirty like that.

    18. This almost seems...indecent.

    19. And this is a clear case of inviting chaos into your life:

    wyd dude

    20. Anyone who's ever been rock climbing will get serious heart palpitations from this:

    BlatternMann / Via

    21. Meanwhile, anyone who's ever used, ya know, basic infrastructure, will haaaaate this:

    22. This is some bullshit better left for a Salvador Dali painting and not reality:

    chilejon / Via

    23. Meanwhile, this takes the cake for Most Shudder-Inducing Comforter Ever:

    24. Who does this!!

    25. Or this???

    26. Who would tempt the fates like this?

    27. And finally, I'm just going to leave you with this while I attend to my skyrocketing blood pressure.

    uncommongifts / Via

    It's too much. It's all too much.

    This post was translated from German.