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You Might Not Know It, But It's Extremely Likely That You Have Thalassophobia

And maybe even a little bathophobia, just for good measure.

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1. Are you afraid of deep water?

Josh York

2. Afraid of the uncertainty of what might lurk in the depths?

Instagram: @argonautphoto

3. Right below you...

Bem135 / Via

4. All those unknown things living in the ocean...

5. Whether it's the hulking creatures just below the surface...

Instagram: @nature

6. ...or those haunting man-made creations lost to the depths.

Instagram: @meatypunk

7. Do you ever wonder what's beneath you when you're swimming in the ocean, or even just a deep lake?

4acodimetyltryptamin / Via

8. Are you afraid of all those nasty things you didn't even know existed in the deepest, darkest recesses of the sea?

Instagram: @thecaitlin

9. Have you ever found yourself worrying about being endlessly far away from the mainland?

10. Have you ever had that totally helpless feeling that you could lose what little control you have at any moment?

11. Are you ever awed by the sheer enormity of the ocean, and all the life teeming below its surface?

Instagram: @chris_poopaloop

12. Well, then have I got some news for you...

14. Which is a persistent fear of large bodies of water, and everything that might be lurking within.

Instagram: @larubeya

15. Maybe you didn't even know you had this fear.

Instagram: @brainerdrums

16. Well, we're here to explain why, in fact, you do. Take a seat.

17. Let's dive in.

kayro / Via

18. We'll go slow. We don't want to overwhelm you.

Karl Olav B├ątevik / Via

19. If images like these make you feel uncomfortable...

Instagram: @thalassophobia

20. ...and kind of make you all tingly in an unpleasant way...

21. ...and make you feel like you're going to have a panic attack...

22. ...or like you're losing your grip, you're thalassophobic.

Instagram: @isakrudberg

23. Be honest, would you swim here?

Instagram: @mike_____f

24. The second you jump into any body of water, do you start to worry about what you're going to step on?

Instagram: @findingmero

25. Are you a strong enough swimmer to navigate this?

26. How nervous does this situation make you?!/gif/highway-thalassophobia-58b04208a07ac0356ba90eee

27. Could you repair oil rigs for a living?

Toemel / Via

28. Not that you'd ever go diving, but if you did, what would you do to avoid being run down by a submarine?

Instagram: @jayveef

29. Or something even more menacing?

30. Would you have the nerve to do something like this?

31. Or is even just looking at photos almost too much to handle?

Instagram: @a_coastal_life

32. If you had a hard time making it this far into the post, you definitely suffer from thalassophobia. Sorry.

nomadicfrog / Via

This post was translated from German.

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