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    19 Pictures That Prove Someone's Out There Making Some Verrrrrry Interesting Design Choices

    Seriously, who comes up with this stuff?

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    1. A bathroom mirror that never fogs up:

    2. A sink that looks dirty even when it's sparkling clean:

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    3. A drinking fountain for humans who want to drink at the same time as their doggos:

    4. A sign prohibiting certain unmentionable acts:

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    5. A fitting room that tries to make the choices clearer:

    6. A designated spot for meeting up with Craigslist peeps:

    7. A sign for a ski lift, we hope:

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    8. Pizza pans that mathematically prove how much more pizza you'd get if you sized up:

    9. This pool float:

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    10. This shirt with a microfiber cloth for cleaning your glasses sewn right in:

    11. These uniforms that look like skin:

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    12. Kickable elevator buttons:

    13. And on that note, a very foreboding elevator sign:

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    14. A bench to sit on even when it's raining:

    As long as you don't mind a slightly anthropomorphic lantern hanging out with you...

    15. A slide with multiple choices:

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    16. Parking lines that extend to the guard rails, just in case:

    17. One very questionable basketball hoop placement:

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    18. An elevator that shows how much of the weight limit has been reached:

    19. And finally, this elevator that is just plain madness, I tell you.

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    This article was translated from German.