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    Trypanophobia Is Real, And If You Can't Make It Through This Post, You've Got It

    Trypanophobia is the fear of syringes, needles, and injections. It's real as hell.

    1. Trypanophobia is the fear of syringes...

    2. ...and injections...

    3. ...and needles, of course.

    4. Sometimes, the fear can be totally irrational...

    5. ...because it's not like a little sewing accident ever hurt anybody. Right?

    6. On the other hand, sometimes just the sight of a syringe can be enough to trigger this fear.

    7. Some people become really queasy at the thought of tattoos.

    bestestfester / Via

    8. All it takes is the image of small needles piercing the skin over and over again, hundreds of times.

    Donkeyhead / Via

    9. Sometimes Trypanophobia overlaps with other fears, like the fear of vaccines.

    Andrewsafonov / Getty Images

    Which is called, appropriately enough, Vaccinophobia.

    10. It doesn't even matter if it's just a little prick.

    Annebaek / Getty Images

    11. Like this one! *prick* You just can't stand it.

    Luisportugal / Getty Images

    12. And then there's drawing blood. That's a whole different thing. Surely nobody likes that, right?!

    13. Actually, that last photo wasn't very realistic. This is what drawing blood actually looks like:

    14. Maybe it'd help to see if from a first-person perspective? Does this do anything for you?

    15. How's this make you feel? Maybe a little squeamish?

    Vineek / Via

    16. Ugh, just the thought of that a needle being thrust under your skin... it's too much.

    Andreas Faessler / CC BY-SA 4.0 / / Via

    17. And then it's just hanging there, stuck inside your body... an unnatural extension of your own veins.

    18. You can almost hear the little *snap* of the skin being punctured.

    19. This is all assuming that your doctor or nurse was good enough at their jobs to actually find the vein on the first try.

    TmdwfCI9fTsnetvGdLItLv0rdrfXgkcqfmtBcBN9GL / Via

    20. And assuming the needle is new.

    21. After all, even a brand new needle is nowhere near at sharp as a bee's stinger. (But at least it's not serrated!)

    22. Wow, you're still here?

    brodro / Via

    23. Just picture the needle plunging into you, causing the skin and muscles on your forearm to swell.

    megaflaem / Via

    24. And then pumping your arm...

    25. that the dark, red blood gurgles out of you.

    26. And not just your blood, but your strength as well.

    27. Isn't it just completely unpleasant?

    ichasesquirrels / Via

    28. If you think so, then you've definitely got a fear of needles. Sorry!

    This post was translated from German.