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17 Design Flaws That Will Make All Type A People Cringe

Who did this???

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1. Here we have three sinks, five hand dryers, and zero fucks given:

2. And here we have a bicyclist's worst nightmare:

Raumbinde / Via

3. This seems...conceived:

4. And well, this just wasn't the plan at all:

RolfRisiko / Via

5. Who did this??

DasSoundmachine / Via

6. Who did THIS????

Schobosch / Via

7. And just like...why??

8. Apparently, we just can't have nice, well-aligned things:

9. Because some people just want to see the world burn:

10. Meanwhile, the rest of us just have to deal with nonsense like this:

armafast / Via

11. And this:

froozzzeeeehhhhh / Via

12. Seriously: why???

13. Why would anyone do this??

zoran / Via

14. Who just gave up like this?

15. And what is even happening here?

pr0m3t4 / Via

16. At the end of the day, design flaws like this just make us question everything.

17. Because, like, is just a little order in this universe so much to ask for?

We think not!
5ondre / Via

We think not!

This post was translated from German.

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