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    Updated on Jul 22, 2019. Posted on Jul 14, 2018

    22 Design Decisions That Were Most Definitely Not Thought Through

    TFW good intentions aren't good enough.

    1. This not-so-great look for a public bathroom wall:

    Xuhale / Via

    2. This poorly conceived floral pattern:

    NoToNope / Via

    3. This door handle placement:

    Xacto01 / Via

    4. This blow-up unicorn manufacturing decision:

    mearlpie / Via

    5. This plate design:

    Mister-name / Via

    6. This kids clothing store setup:

    Agent_Orange7 / Via

    7. This panda panky print:

    TenFootLoPan / Via

    8. This gate lol:

    GGpajer / Via

    9. These shoes that don't look AT ALL like you just stepped in a pleasant surprise, no sir:

    notenoughroom / Via

    10. This, um, acronym:

    lucanator3669 / Via

    11. This toilet cleaner holder:

    UGLYvomit / Via

    12. This extremely obvious instruction manual:

    geek-craft / Via

    13. This rather evocative sign:

    Shadows_Of_RNG / Via

    14. This. Children's. Swimsuit.

    officialkfc / Via

    15. This ill-advised use of frosted glass:

    Shiawase__ / Via

    16. This subtle touch of privacy:

    darveshh / Via

    17. This incomplete toilet bowl:

    PokeyUp / Via

    18. This hand dryer placement:

    never0101 / Via

    19. This slightly nightmarish boogie board print:

    Sunset_Warrior / Via

    20. This fan that, apparently, you'll never be able to turn off:

    mixed_massages / Via

    21. This whole curtain situation:

    ForrestTrees / Via

    22. And finally, this extremely bad sink pattern:

    sploodify / Via

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    This post was translated from German.