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17 Dogs Who Forgot How To Sofa


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1. She'd really prefer you wait until LITERALLY ANY OTHER MOMENT to photograph her.

mphelp11 / Via

2. This little guy seems very aware of the predicament he's found himself in.

MyDachshundsNameIsSausageBoy / Via

3. This guy, on the other hand, gave up a long time ago.

ooheeoohahah / Via

4. And this guy actually seems to be ENJOYING his new spot.

5. He's acting as if everything is totally normal.

6. "How'd I get in the couch? Um... no time to explain right now."

7. She was told to stop jumping onto the folding sofa. She did this to herself.

8. This little lady is still trying to process what exactly has happened to her.

9. Look, she was perfectly happy being stuck under the couch, and she's just as happy to be rescued. This is a win-win for her.

10. He's just doing his best to look casual.

DontFearZombies / Via

11. He's always hated that carpet.

12. He was just looking for a cozy place to grab a nap. What happened?

13. She's just happy to see her human.

14. He's choosing to ignore the situation and simply deal with at a more convenient time.

15. And so is she.

16. Nothing matters to her. Let them laugh.

17. "Yeah, great. Are we done taking photos?"

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