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    Here Are 20 Photos That Will Make You Say "Wow"

    What a world, you guys.

    1. First, can you see that little black spot in the upper left corner here? That's Mercury moving around the Sun.

    120decibel / Via

    2. And FYI: the Pacific Ocean is actually **this** huge.

    3. And this is actually how fast the airplanes fly:

    4. When the waves from perpendicular directions come across each other, this is what happens:

    Michel Griffon / CC BY 3.0 / / Via

    5. Also, this is what a wave looks like from the inside:

    6. And here is what a turtle looks like from the inside, FWIW:

    7. This is what wood looks like under an electron microscope:

    8. And let's be honest, have you ever actually seen a ladybug unfold its wings?

    9. Or how an archerfish catches its prey?

    10. Fun fact: ostracods are tiny crustaceans that produce luminescent chemicals to make other fish visible for bigger predators. This is why fishies like this one spit 'em out afterward.

    BBC / Via

    11. Some owls have unusually long legs:

    12. And, while we're on the subject of legs, here's what a really bad leg cramp looks like:

    13. This is a Night Sky Petunia, which is clearly the perfect name for it.

    14. Now, look at how this guy's flannel changes color under different lights:

    15. If you've ever wondered about how hair seems to fly around so naturally in those shampoo commercials, here's one possible explanation:

    16. This is a tree that is getting burned from the inside out:

    17. Here's a walrus that fell asleep on top of a submarine:

    18. And here is a snowflake melting in slow-mo:

    19. Believe it or not, this is just one picture:

    20. And finally, so is this one:

    This post was originally translated from German.