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16 People Whose Ability To Improvise Is Honestly A Little Alarming

Improvise. Adapt. Overcome?

1. First, there's the genius responsible for this:

Gurkenkoenig / Via

2. And whoever the pilot was here:

Knaller26 / Via

3. This person, who clearly did the best they could with what they were given:

Venomon / Via

4. This creative bricklayer:

Icetek / Via

5. This electrician from our nightmares:

Gelldan / Via

6. Whoever decided there should be an outlet in the shower here:

traumhaeftling / Via

7. This duct tape maestro:

pr0krastinator / Via

8. This darts daredevil:

Dashatsiegesagt / Via

9. Whoever did this:

10. And also this:

lorak44 / Via

11. Whoever thought this was a good idea:

DWW / Via

12. This budding artiste:

HerrFugbaum79 / Via

13. We don't even know what they're doing out there, but this person, too:

mthie / Via

14. And this one:

Irmi / Via

15. The owner of this v. secure vehicle:

P0MM35P4NZ3R / Via

16. And finally, this person who apparently does not own or need a real ladder:

bigfoot123 / Via


This post was translated from German.