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    23 Pictures So Perfect You'll Almost Hate Them

    Oh. My. God.

    1. What emotions do these blueberries sorted by color spark in you?

    zitrix / Via

    2. And this perfect stone?

    3. These pieces of cake are an absolute beauty!

    SmileyFace-_- / Via

    4. And look at the perfect shape and color of these mushrooms.

    mike_pants / Via

    5. This totally unused face cream. Perfection.

    6. And these beautifully interwoven Post-It notes...

    witenry / Via

    7. And just look at how 💯 this apple is! LOOK AT IT!

    8. And this checkmark! THIS CHECKMARK!

    9. How badly do you wish you had these kitchen bowls right now?

    10. This blossom is so incredibly perfect. Ugh.

    11. And this tiny curl of hand lotion looks like it's from a picture book!

    12. And if you've ever experienced this before, you'll know how absolutely unbeatable the feeling is...

    13. This ocean at sunset is incredibly fantastic!

    faiize / Via

    14. This stream of lava is so beautiful that you almost want to reach out and touch it.

    Twitter: @OCDthings

    But don't. That's a bad idea.

    15. Here's something I never thought I'd say: This is with absolute certainty the most beautiful red cabbage that I have ever seen in my life.

    16. And the waves on this lake are almost hypnotic.

    17. And the way these watermelons are arranged is almost art.

    Sakir Gökçebag / Via

    No! You know what? It IS art.

    18. And just look at this perfection. Breathtaking.

    19. And! This! Circle!

    20. Look how the snow in the shadow of this tree has yet to melt.

    21. And look at this flower! 😍

    Jontolo / Via

    22. How fantastic it must be to take a rest on this bench in the summer.

    ikickrobots / Via

    23. OK, more cake?

    Yes please!