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    22 Photos That Will Make Your Stomach Churn

    You've been warned.

    1. For example, what exactly is going on here? Why is this happening? Who would do this?

    2. And what about this table?

    3. How does this half-peeled watermelon make you feel?


    5. Then there's this beautiful work of art...

    6. Oh, and this one! How could I forget about the ~flesh heels~?

    7. Too much? Cleanse your palate with this cat wearing pantyhose.

    8. Ok! Back to the awful stuff! LOOK AT THIS PIERCING!

    9. Or imagine getting halfway through this hotdog and looking down to see this?

    10. This doesn't seem so bad, but somehow it is. It is so bad.

    11. Look at this crêpe-faced baby. Really look at it.

    12. And this leg hair that just wouldn't stop growing? You feel okay about that?

    13. Have you ever taken a face-peel off without ripping it? No. Well don't.

    14. Have you ever seen a pit-less avocado? A treasure to some. An absolute abomination to others.

    15. Are you as bothered by this cat's haircut as he surely is?

    16. What about this woman's make-up?

    17. Looking for some protection against all these ghastly images? Here, try on this helmet.

    18. Now, look at these legs, which just gone done kneeling on frozen peas.

    19. Or this foot. Wrapped in a condom.

    20. Not enough? Maybe all these little toes, covered in all these little balloons.

    21. How about some naked, exposed feet in a public toilet?

    22. And speaking of naked...