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    Today I Learned That Seals Do Something Called "The Banana Pose" When They're Hanging Out

    Your yoga practice could never!

    OK, people, so we've all seen seals — AKA the very good bois of the sea — before, yes?

    And you've probably, at one point in your life, seen a photo of them sitting like ~this~:

    Apparently, there is a term for this position: the "banana pose."

    And there's a reason for it — seals don't sit like this just because it's comfy...

    ...apparently, it's because elevating their front and/or rear flippers helps them regulate their body temperature.

    Which makes sense, since a seal's body is super well-insulated with blubber just about everywhere except around their head and flippers.

    So, in order to protect their flippers from the cold water, they'll simply hold them up in the air!

    And of course, they look extremely cute doing it.

    Anyway, you know the real reason behind why you might see a seal lounging like this...

    Or this...

    Or this...

    Or — hey, wait, that's not a full banana pose!

    There! That's better.

    This post was translated from German.