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    21 Projects That Probably Should Have Been Thought Through Beforehand


    1. These solar panels, which probably could have been installed literally anywhere else:

    2. This glass stall door:

    3. This lil' barrier:

    4. This scaffolding:

    5. This showerhead:

    6. This brick placement:

    7. This, uh, transition:

    8. This quick fix:

    9. This door:

    10. This sink:

    11. This window:

    12. This dividing line:

    13. This pipe:

    14. And these ones, too:

    15. This manhole:

    16. These...stairs?

    17. This heating unit:

    18. And this teeny baby one:

    19. This circuit situation:

    20. This too-small stone tile:

    21. And finally, this window:

    This post was translated from German.

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