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    You May Be Having A Bad Day, But I Guarantee These 21 People Are Having A Worse One Than You

    It's all about perspective, baby.

    1. The person who JUST got their morning coffee:

    2. The person who's gonna have to explain this to their parents:

    3. The owner of this TV:

    4. The person who won't be enjoying a smoothie any time soon:

    5. Whoever's kitchen this is:

    6. The rightful owner of these trunks:

    7. Whoever's charging their phone:

    8. The owner of this bicycle:

    9. The police officer behind the wheel:

    10. And also whoever was driving here:

    11. The person who was just trying to season their eggs correctly:

    12. The person who won't be winning the chili cook-off this year:

    13. The person who is now stranded on the roof:

    14. Everyone inside this helicopter:

    15. Whoever was doing laundry:

    16. Anyone trying to get out of the passenger side here:

    17. Whoever has to clean this up:

    18. And this, too:

    19. This guy, who's just trying to leave the house today:

    20. Everyone involved with this mess:

    21. And finally, the person who's coming home to this:

    This post was translated from German.