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    18 Weird Photos Presented Without Context Because It's Better That Way

    I swear to god.

    1. This pic of an overly hip avocado:

    2. This shot of a...chin?

    theaxis12 / Via

    It's a chin! We swear!

    3. These kicks, caught clearly in action:

    4. This pastoral landscape:

    5. This PB&J nightmare:

    6. This fashion statement:

    7. This atrocity:

    8. This scene right out of a real-life horror movie, probably:

    9. The wildest post-mani/pedi pic ever:

    10. This...whatever this is:

    11. These claws:

    12. And these toesies:

    13. This double-whammy:

    14. This. Just, all of this:

    15. These nails:

    16. And also these nails:

    17. AND ALSO THESE NAILS omfg:

    18. And finally, this carousel curiosity:

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    This post was translated from German.