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19 Signs The German Language Is Just Trolling Us

The German with Extra Dick!

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1. Really indulge yourself:

2. Just like Grandma used to make:

3. Because you want an engineering company that knows all about leverage:

4. And a farm equipment company with a nose for business:

FiJ / Via

5. Just in case something goes wrong while you're in the bathroom:

6. It's like the internet, but better!

7. I didn't think you needed to run ads for that, but what do I know?

BillyBohne / Via

8. There's nothing more refreshing:

Anna Dushime / BuzzFeed

9. Finally, a politician we can believe in:

10. Wow! Now that's affordable:


11. I'll pass! Thanks!

12. The most popular street corner for American tourists in all of Berlin:

13. Flat, round, big, or is here to service you:

14. Or call ASS instead:

P4ul3e / Via

15. Come on! You knew exactly what you were doing:

Barbara Bunčić /

16. Now that's how you get people in the door!

17. Oh, is it? 😏

nsfwenableacc / Via

18. Sure! Super Dickmann's nutcrackers! Why not?!

19. Looks like a wide load coming through!

Peacewalker237 / Via

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