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    19 Photos That Will Make You Feel Very Tiny On This Earth

    Mind = blown!

    1. Let's kick off with this photo of a Jordanian desert, wherein it takes a sec to realize just how small the riders on horseback down there look:

    2. Need a quiet spot to reflect on just how small us humans are? Why not have a seat on Royal Clock Tower in Mecca:

    For reference: Here is a pic of (almost) the whole tower:

    3. Now, this is the second largest tree in the world — for scale, check out those two orange dots:

    4. For more people-who-look-like-ants in photos, look at this photo of an old zeppelin (airship) hangar.

    5. Have you ever stopped and thought about just how big a space shuttle has to be to fly into space?

    6. And if you think you have a big heart, just look at what a blue whale's heart looks like:

    7. And here's the skull:

    8. This is how enormous an Airbus A380 really is when you line people up against just that ONE tail fin:

    9. And this is how gigantic a submarine is:

    10. Only when they're on land do you realize how massive cruise liners are...

    11. Though this pic of a liner in the water also gives you an idea:

    12. Did you know chains this big even existed??

    13. Or that, um, crocodiles are THIS HUMUNGOUS???

    14. You knew eagles were large, but did you know that (the crowed) eagle is THIS large?

    15. And if you've never actually been to Paris, this photo the Eiffel Tower's base was taken during its construction in 1888.

    16. Meanwhile, you've seen pics of Michelangelo's David, but did you know he was this tall/swol??

    17. And if you thought wombats were itty bitty squirrel-type creatures, boy do you have another thing coming:

    18. Finally, this structure was built in Norway to break a record for the world's tallest bonfire...

    19. And just for good measure, here is a photo of the Great Pyramid of Giza that's just one last quick reminder that we are small, and the world is big.

    This post was translated from German.