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16 "Life Hacks" You Should Definitely Never Try

No problem!

1. Oh no! You made Bolognese but what you really wanted was carbonara!

ApplyBurnHeal / Via

2. Is the foundation on your house shifting and you really, really can't afford those expensive renovations?

3. Do you like to let your bird out of its cage, but it doesn't have anywhere to perch, AND ALSO, you've got nowhere to conveniently store your sex toys?

4. No bird, but still not quite sure what to do with those sex toys?

prickster / Via

5. Sick of mincing your own garlic?

6. Do you hate doing the dishes and have plenty of cling wrap lying around?

7. You want to snack on something, but you just brushed your teeth?

8. Did you just move into your first apartment, but have no money for the furnishings?

Brix / Via

9. Do you love Chinese takeout, but you haven't mastered chopsticks yet?

RossPatric / Via

10. Do you have to drill a hole, but don't have access to a drill?

darknexus / Via

11. Do you want a tea, but all your mugs are in the dishwasher?

Oturan / Via

12. Do you want to invest in a home theater but your budget is too tight?

13. Are you at a music festival and you don't want to mess up your crisp, new white sneakers?

wuzzball / Via

14. Wish you could afford a fancy ride-on mower?

demechman / Via

15. Cold? And too tired to get up and grab a blanket?

16. Do you need to rush out of the house, and can't decide whether to prioritize shaving or breakfast?

Hanswurst69 / Via

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