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    34 Ingenious Ideas That Should Reward Everyone Involved An Instant Promotion

    This is real innovation right here, folks!

    1. This hotel lets you call the elevator when you're halfway there:

    belleri7 / Via

    2. This printer spits out each copy of your document at a different angle, so it doesn't get confusing:

    p50cal / Via

    3. This guy watches videos on the subway like this:

    ewokxninja / Via

    4. This measuring cup works even if you're still pouring stuff in:

    5. This shower head shows you the water temperature:

    Losritenour / Via

    6. This supermarket lets you pick the freshest mushrooms yourself:

    BlondeRed / Via

    7. This toaster allows you to briefly ~lift and look~ at your toast to see if it's brown enough yet:

    stefanielouise / Via

    8. This guy cuts his dog's nails like this:

    9. This hotel has its escape plan clearly on display, even if you're forced to crawl along the hallway on all fours:

    cawclot / Via

    10. This shopping cart has a lil pocket for your phone:

    Vriess / Via

    11. This produce section tells you when your bananas will be edible:

    OneMensTrash / Via

    12. These bicycle tires don't need air:

    GladRecipe / Via

    13. The guy checks in to see if his pasta water is boiling yet via FaceTime:

    14. This hotel includes a guide for a breast self-examination that hangs in the shower:

    15. This guy keeps his burrito warm in a thermos:

    16. This cupboard lets your dishes drip dry right above the sink!

    pearseL / Via

    17. This guy figured out how to sneak a few extra pounds in at the baggage check:

    18. This bar has an elevated toilet so you can throw up in it:

    Luis_9466 / Via

    19. This public restroom lets you turn the water on and off using your knees:


    20. This changing room that helps you staying on top of your decision-making while trying stuff on:

    MagicIsPrettyMagical / Via

    21. This restaurant offers hair ties so that your hair doesn't get in the way of your eating (important!!):

    MuraloDaMasterMemer / Via

    22. This restroom door handle also dispenses hand sanitizer!

    ntdo1889 / Via

    23. This pothole also doubles as a map:

    jgborn / Via

    24. This guy online shops for sneakers like this:

    25. This machine saves your phone from water damage ASAP:

    needuhlife19 / Via

    26. This supermarket installed cooled and ventilated dog boxes so your dog doesn't have to wait for you in the heat:

    Flixen01 / Via

    27. This supermarket's bathroom lets you product-test the toilet paper while you're, ya know, in there anyway:

    shishdem / Via

    28. This hotel offers you a wide selection of pillows, with various degrees of firmness:

    pickup_thesoap / Via

    29. This library stows computer monitors underneath the table in case you need more space:

    vapenewell / Via

    30. This avocado tells you when it's ripe:

    31. This coffee shop has taps for different kinds of milk:

    32. This pillbox shows you when it was last opened:

    33. This hotel provides you with a goldfish so you don't feel lonely:

    notforlabels / Via

    34. And finally, this elevator shows you how many people can fit:


    This post was translated from German.