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    Posted on Jul 10, 2018

    27 Animals Who Can't Stand This Heat Wave, Either

    Yep, it's fur-real too hot.

    1. There's always a point in the summer when you just, well, can't anymore...

    balthus1880 / Via

    2. And you have no choice but to surrender...

    AustinLogan / Via

    3. Because it's peak summer now, and it is hOoOoOt out, people!

    CodyOdi / Via

    4. Shade becomes more than just a priority...

    kullexx / Via

    5. In fact, it's basically the only thing that matters.

    Wingnut4772 / Via

    6. If you can't get to a beach, you improvise.

    deathbycheese / Via

    7. And you just focus on not melting:

    MackDaddy92 / Via

    8. Like, REALLY focus:

    davesidious / Via

    9. You try to find AC somewhere. Anywhere.

    joecooool418 / Via

    10. And if you have AC at home, you resolve to never leave:

    HughFokker / Via

    11. Because you're more than just hot.

    dudeandcatastrophe / Via

    12. You're SAPPED.

    thefurnace / Via

    13. You're barely at 1%.

    bd42 / Via

    14. And don't even talk to us about getting work done!

    alexacoh / Via

    15. Even the thought of eating hot food is unbearable.

    Wigglebit / Via

    16. All you want to do is nap...

    Burritoworld / Via

    17. And then nap some more...

    beatauburn7 / Via

    18. And just like, not wake up until fall.

    digital_cake / Via

    19. Sorry folks, we're just not planning on moving today.

    fehaar / Via

    20. Or going anywhere, k thanks.

    ngshay / Via

    21. It's time to give in...

    danigerous / Via

    22. And accept your fate...

    litzer / Via

    23. Because none of us can win this fight...

    Alrahil / Via

    24. So we might as well conserve that energy...

    25. And take all extreme measures to stay chill.

    Mommaween / Via

    26. If anyone needs us, we'll be here, curled up in a ball and waiting for fall...

    blackjezza / Via

    27. But like, try not to need us, okay??

    nuestraabsurdarealidad / Via

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    This post was translated from German.