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    16 Pics That Will Make You Say "Me, When I'm Trying To Be Handy Around The Home"

    More like home sort-of-improvement.

    1. "This tape should do the trick!"

    2. "Dude, the cable was on sale!"

    3. "Oh shit, it's supposed to rain tomorrow?"

    4. "Well, this is certainly a dilemma."

    5. "It'll be fine!!!"

    6. "This isn't supposed to be happening, is it?"

    7. "Guys, I got this. I promise."

    8. "There's an adaptor around here somewhere..."

    9. "Life hack, amirite??"

    10. "Can you just hold it for a sec?"

    11. "It appears that I've...miscalculated."

    12. "Now HERE'S an idea..."

    13. "It's so crazy it just might work!"

    14. "Just finished installing the dish hbu??"

    15. "Of course I know how a swingset is supposed to work!"

    16. And finally: "Pics or it didn't happen, right?"

    This post was translated from German.