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    Updated on Jul 16, 2018. Posted on Jul 12, 2018

    16 Pics That Will Make You Say "Me, When I'm Trying To Be Handy Around The Home"

    More like home sort-of-improvement.

    1. "This tape should do the trick!"

    2. "Dude, the cable was on sale!"

    3. "Oh shit, it's supposed to rain tomorrow?"

    4. "Well, this is certainly a dilemma."

    5. "It'll be fine!!!"

    6. "This isn't supposed to be happening, is it?"

    7. "Guys, I got this. I promise."

    8. "There's an adaptor around here somewhere..."

    9. "Life hack, amirite??"

    10. "Can you just hold it for a sec?"

    11. "It appears that I've...miscalculated."

    12. "Now HERE'S an idea..."

    13. "It's so crazy it just might work!"

    14. "Just finished installing the dish hbu??"

    15. "Of course I know how a swingset is supposed to work!"

    16. And finally: "Pics or it didn't happen, right?"

    This post was translated from German.

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