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Important Poll: Which Weird Method Of Holding A Glass Bugs You The Most?


Recently, Twitter user Daniel Inman put this totally harmless question out into the world...

And then he started us off with four options:

My hot take: the worst option is DEFINITELY #4, because, duh, wet fingers??

But on second thought, it seems like #3 involves a certain degree of witchcraft?

But BACK TO #4, which is still the absolute worst, because it is not only impractical but UNSANITARY.

Like, come on. There are RULES in place against this, probably!!

Anyway, because the internet is, well, the internet, people started submitting their own contenders, and guys, it really sent my blood pressure through the roof:

This was a suggestion from Twitter user @ralphnnader. I can't look away, but it makes me so mad!

And this one, from @_thongmas, makes me cringe because what's worse than wet fingers? ICY FINGERS.

Their fingers are TOUCHING THE ICE and I just can't today, people.

This option, submitted by @y_a_f_ is more sanitary, but you just KNOW it's a spill waiting to happen.

And of course, someone HAD to get all fancy and magician-y about it, and that someone is @lahhamid:

But then Twitter user @kambiztaher just HAD to get toes involved, eh??

Honestly, petition to ban all of humanity from ever using glasses ever again???

Still, if you REALLY wanted to stress me out, just show me this pic from @damncabbage, because it takes the cake.

Twitter: @damncabbage

No fingers, no toes, just alllllll anxiety here.

(Livestream of me rn:)

Twentieth Century Fox / Via
  1. What do you guys think?? Which weird method of holding a glass stresses you out the most??

    Twitter: @D1nman
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What do you guys think?? Which weird method of holding a glass stresses you out the most??
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