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19 Photos That Are Too Upsetting For Words


1. Hey, you've got something in your eye.

CrucifyMe / Via

2. You never know what's waiting for you out there in the darkness.

upvoteHero / Via

3. And you never know what's watching you from the shadows.

4. Even something as innocent as a Pikachu costume can turn into nightmare fuel.

5. Quick tip: check your hair dryer before you blow dry. Anything could have crawled in there.

floridalaurenge / Via

6. I don't know what this is, but I really hate looking at it:

7. But it's still better than whatever the hell is going on here:

8. What is this? Why is this happening?i

9. And why does this place exist? What's on the other end of that tunnel?

10. Ever wake up and your eyes are itchy?

hnirobert / Via

11. Well, this is just redundant:

12. UGH! It hurts to look at, but somehow you can't look away.

13. This is just upsetting:

14. No! I've never thought about it before, and I hate that you're making me think about it now.

Dreadsin / Via

15. NO! NO! NO!

taydripper / Via

16. NOPE!

notbob1959 / Via
notbob1959 / Via


18. Okay. We're almost through it. Here's some treats to help calm you down:

MyheartisdrunkwithaBeautymyeyescouldneversee / Via

19. Actually, after seeing all of that, I might do the same as this person:

This post was translated from German.

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