24 Hamster Butts To Get You Through This Day

    Such mini money makers!

    1. Look at this lil hamster butt!!

    2. And this one!

    3. And this one!!

    4. We are also a fan of this hamster hiney:

    5. And also this rodent rump:

    6. Now look at this cute caboose:

    7. And this beautiful booty:

    8. And this real small rump:

    9. And this darling derrière:

    10. Can we talk about these hilarious hind-quarters?

    11. And this twee lil tail?

    12. And this itty bitty behind?

    13. They're all just so teeny tiny!

    14. Such dainty dumpers:

    15. Such lil baby buns:

    16. And such chubby cheeks!

    17. Now look at this fantastic fanny:

    18. And this crafty lil keister:

    19. And this cute-eous maximus:

    20. Or this furry full moon:

    21. And these wholesome haunches:

    22. And this well-balanced bum:

    23. And this precious patootie:

    24. And finally, this miniature money maker:

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    This post was translated from German.