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    Updated on Aug 11, 2019. Posted on May 14, 2018

    28 Pictures That Are Equal Parts Hilarious And Unsettling

    Get ready to get weird.

    1. First, there's this lil guy:

    2. And this form of parent-child bonding:

    things_that_are_not_aesthetic / Via

    3. And this dental nightmare:

    4. Now, we hope you're not weird about eggs...

    cursed_images / Via

    5. Because it's about to get really weird.

    6. Like, ear candle-level weird:

    meatwreck / Via

    7. Really wrinkly skin-level weird:

    neeto85 / Via

    8. Now, let's kick it up a notch...

    cursedimages00 / Via

    9. You said you were okay with egg stuff, right?

    iz_dead / Via

    10. How about toe stuff?

    11. Or Minions-meets-Patrick-the-starfish stuff?

    nayytay / Via

    12. Can someone tell us why this foam is being so sensual?

    13. Or just, like, what's going on here?

    LAB1A / Via

    14. You're cool with this, right?

    15. And this?

    16. Maybe you should sit down...

    notaestheticthings / Via

    17. Or look away...

    18. But you aren't going to, are you?

    19. 'Cause yeah, this shit's weird...

    cursed_images / Via

    20. But you also can't NOT look!

    21. Though, tbh, we won't be mad if you leave us hanging, you know.

    22. 'Cause like, what's going on here?

    theseimagesarecursed / Via


    23. How did this happen?

    cursed_images / Via

    24. Who let her do this??

    25. And is this a thing now??

    Satan_is_my_Username / Via

    26. At some point, you just gotta give in...

    27. And roll with it...

    28. Because hey, you're already here!

    theseimagesarecursed / Via

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