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Updated on Jan 16, 2019. Posted on Jul 25, 2016

20 Photos That Will Make You Squirm If You Think Feet Are Weird

What the foot?!

1. Who's ready to look at some feet?

東海大學 / Via

2. Perfect! Off we go!

東海大學 / Via

3. Let's start with this one. How does this picture make you feel?

TheNoobishIsStrongWithThisOne / Via

4. How about this loving embrace?

5. Would you walk barefoot into a public bathroom?

hidmcgeee / Via

6. And another very important question: What would life be like if we all only had one toe?

7. Toe shoes wouldn't really be a viable option anymore, would they?

8. Especially if you wear them with flip-flops.

Jackyll / Via

And who doesn't, right?

9. Speaking of flip-flops...

SethJerome / Via

10. Not crazy enough for you? How about these?

11. Just imagine how painful it would be if your toenail piercing got caught on something?

Halvach / Via

12. You'd be better off with closed-toe shoes...

Madaam / Via

13. At least with them nothing like this can happen:

Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images

14. Although ... you can never rule it out...

Applesauceman / Via

15. Does this look good to you? Do you enjoy this?

Bitvis / Via

16. Wanna keep going?

jeffrawrington / Via

17. Only three more photos, okay?

18. Mmm! Ice cream!

19. There you go, you did it. Well done!

20. Bye!

When you try to find pictures of Bruce Willis' prosthetic feet from Die Hard and your day takes a weird turn.

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