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    We Dare You To Try To Get Through This Post Without Flipping A Table


    1. Imagine someone cutting a cake in front of you like this.

    2. How long can you stare at this ball before going mad?

    3. How would you feel if you had to spend several hours every day looking at the DVDs on this shelf?

    4. How does the setup of this iPod dock make you feel?

    5. Imagine if you had to wear these socks for the rest of your life.

    6. And if you could only use this binder.

    7. Does it physically hurt to look at this floor?

    8. And what the hell even is this?!

    9. Imagine that you had to live in this room and only this room... FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.

    10. And not to mention, the window blinds would look like this.

    11. What if your favorite food was stored in this kitchen cabinet?

    12. And your bed faced this pair of rainbow portraits?

    13. Would you dare to travel through this arch?

    14. And just look at this specimen that dares to call itself a sink.

    15. Is this road sign even legitimate?

    16. What if you had to wake up to the sight of this terrifying ceiling every morning?

    17. Or how about this one?

    18. Could you stand seeing this every time you return home from doing your grocery shopping?

    19. Some people are absolutely sick.

    20. Honestly. What is this madness?!

    21. Somebody must have made a terrible mistake.

    22. Can't anybody see?!

    23. Did nobody notice this?!

    24. It's a cruel, cruel world.

    25. There must be some sort of rule to protect humanity from things like this.

    26. SAVAGES.

    27. Well, at least there's always cake to make you feel better.