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    20 Photos That Will Make You Go, "Whoa."

    "Neat!" –You, in like a minute.

    1. See that little black spot in the top left? That's Mercury as it transits across the sun.

    2. This is how big the Pacific ocean really is:

    3. And here's how fast airplanes actually travel:

    4. Maybe you've never seen a cross sea before, but when waves from two different directions meet, this is what happens:

    5. Here's what a wave looks like from the inside:

    6. And here's a turtle:

    7. This is what wood looks like when viewed through an electron microscope:

    8. Have you ever seen a ladybug unfurl its wings before?

    9. Or how an archerfish hunts its prey?

    10. Ostracods are tiny shrimp that produce luminescent chemicals in order to make fish visible for bigger hunters. Which is why fish like this one spit them out right after they eat them:

    11. Some owls have unusually long legs:

    12. Speaking of legs, this is a really bad leg cramp:

    13. This here is an aptly named Night Sky Petunia:

    14. Check out how the pattern on this guy's shirt changes under different colored lights:

    15. If you've ever been curious about how hair flows so organically in shampoo commercials, here's one explanation:

    16. This tree is burning from the inside out:

    17. And here's a walrus that fell asleep on top of a surfaced submarine:

    18. Witness the death of a snowflake:

    19. And believe it or not, this is just one photo:

    20. This one too:

    This post was translated from German.