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    Aug 26, 2017

    27 Photos That Will Make You Feel Less Anxious

    Oh! My! God!

    1. This photo of incredibly clear water:

    2. Everything about this autumn photo:

    3. This tree nursery:

    4. This pair of buildings at sunset:

    5. How black this snake is:

    6. This geode:

    7. These perfect spice mounds:

    8. The symmetry of this flower:

    9. The angles of this sandcastle:

    10. These perfect waves:

    11. How precisely this hedgehog fits in his little measuring cup:

    12. These straight tracks:

    13. How these shoes blend in with this escalator:

    14. This wonderful wood shaving:

    15. This perfectly round rock:

    16. This braided stream of water:

    17. The border between Central Park and New York City:

    18. This ball of fluff:

    19. The gradient of this sunset:

    20. This unchecked growth:

    21. The line through this boulder:

    22. This finished puzzle:

    23. These measuring cups that were made for one another:

    24. The crisp, clean folds on these shirts:

    25. This breakwater:

    26. This flower:

    27. This perfect little swirl of face cream:

    This post was translated from German.

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