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    17 Enchanting Reasons Why Your Summer Travel Plans Should Include Seeing Germany

    It's like stepping inside a storybook, you guys.

    1. The gloomy Eltz Castle, especially in the mist:

    2. The twisted trees of the Spa Park in Bad Nenndorf:

    3. The medieval town of Monschau, near Aachen:

    4. The intimdating Schloss Drachenburg castle, near Königswinter:

    6. The mystical ice chapel on the foot of Mount Watzmann:

    8. The picturesque views in Pottenstein:

    9. The Rakotzbrücke Devil's Bridge, which looks straight out of a Lord of the Rings set:

    10. The Hohenzollern Castle, towering majestically over its kingdom:

    11. The v Sleeping Beauty–esque Cochem Castle:

    12. The historic town of Freudenberg, in North Rhine-Westfalia:

    13. The downright enchanting Eifel National Park:

    15. The spooky ghost forest, right on the Baltic coast:

    16. The stately Castle Hohenschwangau:

    17. And finally, the very Game of Thrones–y Sababurg forest:

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    This post was translated from German.

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