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14 Design Fails By People Who Wrongly Assumed "Eh I'm Sure It's Fine"

Who approved these??

1. First of all, the ear placement on this little fox mug could have been better thought through...

CosmeBuzzanito / Via

2. And this Pooh Bear print mishap never quite gets old:

mrq33 / Via

3. This carpet is just not what I personally would love to see when checking in at a hotel...

Nayib_Ozzy / Via

Personal taste, though.

4. And I hope and pray I never have to encounter this toilet IRL:

5. This boogie board is probably cursed. I'm almost positive.

mjpoodi / Via

6. And this ladder — er, door — sure seems a little counterproductive:

pcjcusaa1636 / Via

7. No mother should have to deal with this sign:

8. And these partitions seem to have...missed the point?

ishanishomo / Via

9. This is one way to mix things up in the bathroom, I guess:

orangejuice1234 / Via

10. And um, has someone told Dunkin what this actually looks like yet?

miketutaj / Via

11. Not sure who needs to hear this, but maybe DON'T build a ramp from the sink to the toilet?

batataqw89 / Via

12. Meanwhile, I wouldn't put my worst enemy's kid in this high chair, TBQH:

MoonSauceAppleShake / Via

13. And while this is not the glaze I would have personally picked out for my dining set...

RCoder01 / Via

14. Nothing quite traumatizes the eyeballs like these leggings:

socalchris / Via

Whelp, can't unsee that ever.

This post was translated from German.

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