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    23 Construction Jobs That Went Very, Very Wrong

    Don't like it? Call my union rep.

    1. This brilliant classroom lighting solution:

    2. This inconspicuous road repair job:

    3. This clever bedroom storage option:

    4. This washboard roadway:

    5. This precisely crafted dining surface:

    6. This cozy outdoor area:

    7. This room with a view:

    8. This impressive home entertainment system:

    9. This energizing electrical hookup:

    10. This timely workaround:

    11. This wall-mounted toilet flusher:

    12. This convenient pass-through:

    13. This repair job that proves elbow fittings are useless:

    14. This handy showerhead/bathroom light in one:

    15. This watertight plumbing fix:

    16. This bathroom repair job that plays with the very notion of privacy:

    17. This car repair job that was done on a shoestring budget:

    18. This driveway dream for off-road racers:

    19. This cement fence that you can't even tell was once repaired:

    20. This super convenient two-in-one bathroom setup:

    21. This extremely secure perimeter fence:

    22. This gravity-fed fluid drainage system:

    23. And this beautiful custom tile work:

    This post was translated from German.