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15 Photos Of Couples That Will Make You Believe In Love

We promise.

1. First of all, there are these two, who only have eyes for each other:

Aso Fujita / Getty Images

2. And this pair, probably making some serious Netflix and chill plans:

Brian Carpenter / Getty Images

3. This pair clearly will bend over backward for each other:

Rugco / Getty Images

4. And this couple just can't stop snuggling, sorry:

Anna Kucherova / Getty Images

5. These two just loooove checking each other out:

Rusn / Getty Images

6. And these two are 1000% whispering sweet nothings to each other, we're pretty sure:

Myosotisphotography / Getty Images

7. These two need to get a room!!!

Tongro Images / Getty Images

8. So does this couple:

Manitu017 / Getty Images

9. These two know that there's nothing like a good nuzzling:

Uso / Getty Images

10. And this pair is definitely getting cuddly:

Steveallenphoto / Getty Images

11. This couple is just too damn photogenic together:

Suriyasilsaksom / Getty Images

12. And these two are basically attached at the hip:

Juskz / Getty Images

13. This pair of lovebirds just can't keep away from each other:

Nzins / Getty Images

14. Meanwhile, these two know the value of a good love bite:

Mkoenen79 / Getty Images

15. Finally, these lovers sure are getting cozy:

Encrier / Getty Images

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This post was translated from German.