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    19 Fucking Weird Things That People Have Actually Bought

    Seriously. Who thought this was a good idea?

    1. This egg yolk separator that suddenly makes us extremely NOT hungry:

    2. This backpack that's just kind of a giant ball sack:

    3. This nosy water faucet:

    4. This ~udderly~ fashionable purse:

    5. These...fingernail...protectors?

    6. This friggin' disgusting dipping bowl:

    7. This finger toothbrush that will also probably protect you from STDs:

    8. This hand soap:

    9. This ill-hanging bike light:

    10. This steering wheel, we guess, for when you want to feel pirate-y:

    11. This sponge bed that looks too comfy for its own good:

    12. This paper towel dispenser that I do NOT want to use, ever:

    13. This statement bag:

    14. This probably very absorbent pool float:

    15. These fucking weird socks:

    16. This chair that may or may not need a quick haircut:

    17. This two-in-one wonder:

    18. These. Shoes.

    19. And finally, this pillow.

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    This post was translated from German.