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25 Maps That Will Make You See The World Differently

Where on earth are you the farthest away from all people?

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8. When do the young people of the world come of age sexually?

MissMJ / Via

This map displays the legal age of consent for heterosexual sex in various countries. January 2016

9. The darkest blue areas on this map show where same-sex intercourse is legal. The brown areas show where same-sex intercourse is punished with imprisonment or death.


10. And this map shows where gay men claim to be the happiest:

Planet Romeo / Via

Based on the Gay Happiness Index, which combines factors such as behavior and opinion of the public toward LGBT people, as well as the satisfaction of gay male residents.

12. Here's a breakdown of the percentage of people who claim to have sex at least once a week:



Map 9 refers to same-sex intercourse. A previous version of this post mislabeled it as same-sex marriage.

Map 10 reflects the experience of gay men. A previous version of this post mischaracterized the study as referring to people who identify as gay.


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