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    22 Photos That Will Immediately Make Your Hands Sweaty

    Cardiac arrest captured on film.

    1. The constant threat of being caught in an escalator.

    Last night was top greatest nights of my life. Ending with me getting stuck on an escalator at 4am. But I'm okay wi…

    2. The dread of not knowing what's lurking below you when you go for a swim.

    3. Slipping your foot into your shoe and feeling a little tickle.

    4. The feeling of tiny legs walking across your eyelid.

    5. The moment a needle pierces your skin.

    6. The thought that there's no edge for you to grab onto if you slipped.

    7. And that sometimes your safety checks and backups aren't always very reliable.

    8. The terror of waking across a busy intersection in one piece.

    9. Would you let your feet dangle like this? How would you even stand up when you'd had enough?

    10. Could you handle a trip on this cruise boat?

    11. Even when you stare out at what should be sky and just see a wall of water?

    12. How nervous does this photo make you feel?

    13. "Good evening, it's your captain speaking. You'll be glad to hear that it's been almost two weeks without any incidents aboard this particular aircraft."

    14. Could you enjoy a view like this one?

    15. Or walk across this bridge?

    16. What about a space that is a little less sprawling? Would you be comfortable exploring this tight cave?

    17. Does this image do anything to your heart rate?

    18. If you had to, could you cross a river using the underside of a bridge like this guy?

    19. Maybe getting a nice warm drink would help calm you down?

    20. Can your brain process what these are? Because they're not glass marbles, I assure you.

    21. Imagine stumbling while wading through these waters, and reaching out to grab something and planting your hand down on this:

    22. Does this fashion choice leave you feeling a little squirmy?

    This post was translated from German.