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If You Weren't Already Afraid Of The Open Sea, These 23 Pics Will Do The Trick

Take a deep breath and hold on tight!

1. Fact: Oceans are huge, and thereby scary as hell.

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2. Even if you **love** beaches and sailing and all that stuff...

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3. You've gotta admit that there's something kind of unnerving about just being out there...

Tim Bow / Via

4. In open water...

Paulfleet / Getty Images

5. And being surrounded on all sides by just...

grokforpay / Via

6. Water...

mungoflago / Via

7. And more water...

Nagol41 / Via

8. And, like...nothing else.

NHendrikB / Via

9. You have to confront the idea that at any moment, the tides can literally turn against you...

glatts / Via

10. And that even the biggest ships are kind of just like bb toy boats out there... / Via jake1108

11. When you're out there, you're basically cut off from the rest of land/humanity...

KapitanKurt / Via

12. And it's just you and the waves...

13. All alone.

Dkart / Getty Images

14. By yourself.

Ochn0e / Via

15. Plus, let's not forget that oceans are unpredictable AF...

16. Out there, the water does **not** play by land rules.

KevlarYarmulke / Via

17. You're totally subject to the whims of nature...

RyanSmith / Via

18. And it's kind of awesome, in that literal "full of awe" kind of way...

CaptAnonymous89 / Via

19. But also scary!!

Voyata / Getty Images

20. Mostly scary.

21. All of a sudden, dry land looks **extremely** underrated, don't you think?

Aragami123345 / Getty Images

22. Yup, so I think our plans this summer involve staying securely on land...

the_bridgeburner / Via

23. And not leaving, like, maybe ever??

Johnnorth / Getty Images

This post was translated from German.