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20 Times Animals Were Rude As Hell To Each Other

It's a turtle-shoving, dolphin-bonking world, you guys.

1. First of all, who knew that turtles could be so rude??

2. And goats. Goats can be such assholes!

3. Also assholes: Praying mantises.

Fucking savage.

4. Dolphins are out here throwing punches...

5. And sea lions would put "Mean Girls" to shame:

6. But you know who's even meaner? Penguins.

7. Seriously! The nerve!

8. And if you thought elephants were nothing but gentle, think again!

9. And birds are just total fucking terrors:

10. They're just completely out of fucks to give:

11. Cats, though, are the real petty ones:

12. There's just no loyalty, even amongst their own kind:

13. And they did NOT get this far in life to have to deal with some dumb pup's B.S., no sir:

14. They're basically nature's bullies...

15. But dogs are slowly learning to strike back:

16. They're learning to look out for #1...

17. And they know that sometimes, there just aren't enough belly rubs to go around:

18. After all, there can only be one ~top dog~, amirite?

19. Or top chimp, tbh:

20. So, in summary: animals can be sneaky-ass dicks to each other, and you've gotta ALWAYS watch your back out there.

It's dog-eat-dog, yo!

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This post was translated from German.