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    Posted on Jul 25, 2016

    18 Jokes Only "Pokémon Go" Trainers Will Get

    "Where are you honey?"

    1. The realities of this frightening new world we live in:

    agagasoft / Via

    2. This unfortunate faux pas:

    3. This sinking feeling:

    4. Or worse yet, this one:

    5. The rich diversity of pokémon in your area:

    6. And what Professor Willow's office must look like by now:

    7. This moment of extreme hesitation:

    8. And the extreme test of patience that comes along with this screen:

    9. These very appropriate sightings:

    10. As well as these less appropriate ones:

    11. This disappointing turn of events:

    12. The sudden realization that you're surrounded by penises:

    13. This harsh truth:

    14. And this one too:

    15. This living, breathing NPC:

    16. This hopeless pursuit:

    17. This revelation:

    18. And this little joy:

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