'90s Kids Had The Best Summers, And These 23 Pictures Prove It

    I got three words for you: public pool fries.

    1. If you’re a '90s kid, you know exactly what to do with one of these babies:

    2. And you know this is the best "jewelry" for your ear that money can ever buy:

    3. You remember having to put in some serious work in order to roll down the car window:

    4. And you know nothing beat eating a tray full of these while you hung out at the public pool:

    5. You probably gave "bouquets" of these to your crush:

    6. And counted on these for your daily sugar rush:

    7. You probably had these on your bike...

    8. And tried to learn how to skateboard with one of these:

    9. Your elbows and knees looked like this allllll summer:

    10. You probably still have very picky opinions about popsicles...

    11. And you 1000% spent most of your time in any pool diving for rings:

    12. You always tried to eat these before the chocolate melted and got everywhere...

    13. And you've popped countless water balloons while filling them up on one of these spigots:

    14. You can practically HEAR this image:

    15. And you can probably taste this one:

    16. You remember having to turn off all your electrical appliances during a thunderstorm, because that was just the thing to do back then:

    17. And to you, this is what a soccer ball is supposed to look like:

    18. You know at least one friend who had a ping-pong table like this:

    19. And you remember how hot the playground equipment could get during the day — but you still played on it anyway:

    20. You've invented some version of Kick the Can in a parking lot at some point:

    21. And you probably still know how to put one of these together:

    22. This was the only acceptable kind of lipstick you got to wear:

    23. And finally, you know that absolutely NOTHING beat having one of these during the long, hot days of summer:

    This post was translated from German.