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    28 Photos That Will Prove Whether Or Not You Have Vertigo

    Approximately 5% of the world's population suffers from acute vertigo. Are you one of them?

    1. Do you suffer from vertigo?

    SanchoLibre / Via

    2. Do photos like this one upset you?

    jsmooth7 / Via

    3. Do you feel a strange prickling in your chest when you look at this photo?

    SanchoLibre / Via

    4. Or an indescribable dizziness?

    Phillomena / Via

    5. The arms on the statue "Christ the Redeemer" look enormous when seen from the ground, but when you're way up there, they're not so big after all.

    movieman56 / Via

    6. Are you absolutely sure that catwalk can support all of those people?

    jaykirsch / Via

    7. What in the world would make anyone want to earn a living like this?

    SanchoLibre / Via

    8. I am positive that there are safer ways to clean a window.

    OSHA / Via

    9. Congratulations on making it this far into the post, but let's keep going, just to make sure.

    10. Not many people could make it this far into a vertigo test.

    blucas20 / Via

    11. Take a break and spend a moment looking at something a little more relaxing. Like this bike trip through the countryside.

    johnschool / Via

    12. How about a little stroll?

    NOMADasaurus / Via

    13. Sure. Seems safe enough...

    TheOneThatGotBanned / Via

    14. long as you have a good grip.

    olafminesaw / Via

    15. Hey everyone! Here's a thought: STAY AWAY FROM THE EDGE OF THE CLIFF.

    16. Be careful when you leave. There's a bit of a drop.

    farting-unicorns / Via

    17. So soothing.

    Mapes / Via

    18. Actually, I'll just hold it.

    19. They say that 5% of the world population suffer from acute vertigo. This guy is definitely not one of those people.

    20. People with vertigo report dizziness in situations like the one this guy finds himself in.

    jsmooth7 / Via

    21. Maybe you know it by it's technical name: "Acrophobia."

    SanFranPsycho / Via

    22. Sufferers may feel like the whole world has started spinning, and that they're about to plunge into an abyss.

    SeeTheTURTLEofEnormousGirth / Via

    23. The world begins to feel like it's shaking...

    Artimak / Via

    24. ...even if you've got both feet firmly planted on the... ground.

    ProducingPixels / Via

    25. If any of these photo triggered those reactions for you, chances are you suffer from acrophobia.

    Madclapper / Via

    26. And at least you found out before you were in this guy's position.

    lovefromlondon / Via

    27. Okay! That's enough photos! Let's get down from here... very slowly.

    28. Let's just hope we make it down in one piece. Fingers crossed!

    pablinov / Via

    This article was originally written in German.

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